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Connectivity is crucial – how to ensure your business is always available to customers

The festive period for many businesses represents a significant percentage of their annual business turnover, and the issue/worry of Keeping your business running continuously or Business continuity never goes away. Time is money and no business can afford to lose customers or income due to unavailable services.

Companies often have a plan in place for the worst-case scenario but sadly for many, downtime still occurs. This is often due to a reliance on third-party suppliers to provide connectivity and data services.

Every part of the business is affected by broadband issues, be that customer support messaging services, sales losing access to CRM or simply lacking access to emails.

Only last month, Sky connectivity customers in the South of England were without services for over six hours. Issues started early morning and weren’t resolved until midday – a significant percentage of the working day lost due to connectivity issues. Downtime like this is a significant disruption to both staff, especially those working remotely or from home, your customers, your income stream, and your brand/reputation.

But could it have been avoided?

While the loss of connectivity was unavoidable (the issue was actually a broken network card), having a plan isn’t.

It’s now possible to have wireless 4G connectivity in place to back-up your business network. Switching over from your internet provider to a 4G connection as soon as the connection drops lets you continue as normal until issues are resolved. This means no disruption to your business, no costly downtime and no unhappy customers.

Enterprise-grade wireless 4G routers are not only the solution for the businesses out on the road but they’re also the perfect failover back at the office. If fixed-line faults occur, protect your business against downtime and disruption with an IntraLAN backup solution.

Contact sales@intralan.co.uk to find out how 4G back-up could benefit your business.



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