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What is digital transformation and how does it affect your business?

Never in the history of mankind has a change of this nature been experienced. Never in the history of mankind has an accumulation of technology been produced. This is not the time of technology, technology is already here. It is the time of humanities. We need to open our minds to new ways of working, teaching, training. Without connectivity this is not possible. Connectivity is what allows every one of us to be a digital self. It is time to put people first.

In 2019, digital transformation is front & centre and acts as a driving force to help make sure businesses are competitive with their ideas and solutions. No matter what the size of the business a digital strategy is key to improving how an organisation will grow and succeed.

Digital transformation can include upgrading those legacy procedures that may have worked for the business years ago in favour of a more modern approach. By focusing on a your digital journey, you can map out exactly how changing technology will impact your business.

Digital transformation aims to close the gap between what your customer expects from you and what analogue businesses deliver. If you ignore the transition and adaptation of new digital technologies, then there’s a chance you may face a survival issue. The world is going through a digital transformation every day and this has an impact on businesses. To put this in perspective, see some facts about what is happening in just 1 digital minute in 2019:

  • 188,000,000 Emails are sent.
  • 4,497,420 Google Searches.
  • 18,100,000 Texts are sent.
  • 4,500,000 YouTube videos are watched.
  • 511,200 Tweets are sent.

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Is your business ready for a digital transformation? IntraLAN can help you on your journey. Please feel free to contact us to find out how your business can take that next digital step with intelligent communications.


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