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Multi-Factor Authentication, have you heard of It?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an authentication method in which a computer user is granted access only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence to an authentication mechanism. Although widely accepted, the uptake is still slow. No matter how strong your password is, it is not enough to protect valuable online services.

Multi-factor, also known as two factor authentication (2FA), is an extra element of security for online services. It asks users for more evidence as well as their password, preventing attackers from accessing online services with a stolen password. Multi-factor is already built in to a wide variety of services such as email, social media pages & much more.

Attackers are experts at compromising passwords, not only that but they have the tools to do so. Using a separate password for every online service is a great way to protect you against some of these, but not all. MFA (Multi-factor authentication) however, is ideal for organisations of all sizes as it can protect both the services that are vital to your business and the information/money that are appealing to the cyber criminals.

Although MFA is not perfect, it does improve cyber safety. We are aware a password is fairly easy to steal or guess, but coincidently guessing or stealing a matching pair is rather difficult and it’s important we highlight this. Whether it’s for enterprise or personal accounts, we strongly recommend that everyone switches it on for their emails if possible and any other online service they care about.

Is MFA the best factor to use?

They key benefit of MFA is the need for a matching pair. Therefore, the best option is dependent on the use case in your organisation. There are some factors we do not recommend, usually ones that require an additional piece of knowledge, ones that act as a second password. These buy little security and can be difficult for end users.

Unfortunately, MFA isn’t available on all services yet. Those that do offer it often hide it in advanced settings. If the service you’re using doesn’t offer multi-factor, but it is an important account, you must ensure that the account has its own, unique, separate password to reduce the chances of a compromise.

As a company who understands the significance of IT support, we offer layers of security to ensure you’re protecting your business as best as possible. For more information feel free to browse through our NetCare datasheet (in the Resources section) , or alternatively get in touch on 0344 770 7000. You can also talk to our specialist team on the Get In Touch page.


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