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Protecting Your Business This Black Friday

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday period is expected to be one of the largest ever on record, with pandemic restrictions forcing more shoppers online than ever before.

While this surge will give retailers some much needed respite in an otherwise challenging year, spare a thought for your IT team who are already losing sleep about work devices accessing the corporate network via home broadband.

This blended activity is what malicious parties yearn for, and remember, Black Friday is not just a shopping peak but also a peak in Information Security risks, breaches and phishing attacks taking advantage of our human instinct to not miss out on a great deal.

One moment an employee might be browsing Google for deals, visiting online outlets with less stringent security measures and clicking through their Black Friday emails, the next they’re logging into corporate systems, maybe even with the same password.

IT teams are already working overtime, ensuring that their infrastructure can cope with the higher demand put upon them by the lockdown, making this year a potential perfect storm for hackers to invoke their carefully planned strategy and to make off with corporate data.

Let’s be real. It’s likely too late to boost your cybersecurity for this year’s event, but it’s certainly not too late to send out a quick email to all of your staff and colleagues reminding them of these dangers and asking them to be extra cautious over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period.

Once through this time, there is plenty of opportunity to shore up your defences ahead of 2021 and if you’re unsure of how to step through this minefield, IntraLAN i here and able to help.

Hackers never take a day off!

Protecting corporate data in this new era of home working is one of largest risks to a business (it’s why we created WorkIN) so with a new year beckoning, now is the time to strengthen your IT security.

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