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Start with the cybersecurity fundamentals to protect your business

Whether you are a small business owner or the CISO of a multinational corporation, ensuring that your organisation has strong cybersecurity is essential. The world of cybersecurity can seem daunting and it is easy to lose sight of the fact that the rule of diminishing returns applies.

With constant advancements and innovations, it is easy to believe you have to spend a small fortune keeping up with the latest technology and threats to have any chance against the bad guys.

However, there are many forms of cybersecurity technology that are inexpensive and highly effective. These cyber fundamentals are easy to implement and will provide a strong base to build on.

It is also often easier to look at them as a number of smaller projects rather than one big project to make installation and cost more approachable.

Cyber fundamentals

One of the first steps is to understand exactly what you’re protecting.

Keeping accurate and regularly updated information on the devices and applications used on your network along with the permissions required for your users is imperative and could cost you nothing but a little time.

Implementing good cyber hygiene processes such as the use of multi-factor authentication and patch management is another inexpensive and easy way to implement an extra layer of security.

Having well written IT policies and providing end user awareness training is essential and will prevent unnecessary breaches or downtime.

For more than 25 years, IntraLAN has been providing our customers advice and support on how to protect their businesses. If you would like our help as you take your first steps contact us for further details.

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