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The pressure cooker of remote working

Is working from home a pressure cooker that’s about to explode?

There are many challenges to working remotely, especially if you live on your own.

You probably miss the interactional teamwork, the coffee break updates and the realisation of the waste of money that attending that body language course was!

The risks of a data or security breach are clear to anyone.

The CISO or CTO spent years finally getting everyone onto a safe and secure platform, just to have everything thrown in the air. And if senior leaders were to stick exactly to existing policies and terms of employment, they may need to sack most of their people!

If a business has not risk assessed the home working environment of every single employee, how can they be sure it is compliant?

The clear risk of an accidental data breach is exponentially higher due to the variants in a home environment versus a business one. An employee’s persona at home may be very different to that in the office.

At home there is a significantly greater volume of information in circulation, and as we feel safer in our home, we may grow complacent around how we protect our data, with accidental breaches more likely.

How this all develops will surely be seen as the pressure builds in the coming months…

Ease the pressure with Work IN, our IT and connectivity service built for SMEs with home-based, remote or distributed workforces.

Andy Horn, CEO

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