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Finding a dependable provider is critical to ensure
you are fully supported with the right devices,
network reliability, optimal coverage and security

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Our Business Mobile Services Solutions

Mobile technology is utilised more and more within the business world to support remote and flexible working. Finding a dependable provider is critical to ensure you are fully supported with the right devices, network reliability and optimal coverage.

We will take the hassle out of choosing and maintaining your mobile solution, whilst you will benefit from a single point of contact throughout the duration of the contract.

Working with a range of leading business mobile platforms, our focus is on finding the right solution for your business. We will review your existing package and recommend a strategy based on your exact requirements and budget.

  • Impartial advice across a vast range of potential solution and providers
  • Finding and negotiating the best tariff options
  • A single point of contact
  • Auditing and reviewing your existing plan and costs
  • Continuously reviewing your solution to ensure it is cost effective and meets your changing business needs
  • Advice on utilising Mobile Device Management security solutions

Our Business Mobile Services Solutions

What do you need?

  • How we do it

    Our independent approach means we can tailor solutions across the UK networks.

    We will undertake an in-depth audit to look for lower costs across your mobile account. We’ll compare every network tariff available in the UK and then identify how the savings can be made. We then design a solution to suit your specific requirements. 

    How we manage your account

    All our clients, regardless of size, are allocated a dedicated single-point-of-contact Customer Account Manager. It does not matter how small a query may be – moves, changes, management information, reporting or billing - your calls will be managed by our experienced account team.

  • 4G mobile failover

    Keep your business running with a 4G mobile failover

    With a 4G mobile backup connection, your internet transitions immediately to a 4G connection, enabling you to work as normal until issues are resolved.

    This means minimal disruption to the day – maximising productivity, no costly downtime and no unhappy customers

    Enterprise-grade wireless 4G routers are suitable for workers in the field and as a reliable failover back in the office or in fixed branch sites.

    • Avoid costly downtime – if your business internet fails, systems immediately failover to 4G,  keeping work flowing and people productive
    • Connectivity on the move – your remote workers can access your business network securely from anywhere
    • Ensure business continuity – if the worst happens and your business suffers a network connection issue, you can be back up and running on a reliable service quickly and securely
    • Branch office (temporary/remote) – because cellular wireless doesn’t rely on a physical connection, the setup timeframe is significantly reduced compared to waiting months for a dedicated circuit. Simply obtain router and insert SIM into router. 
  • Mobile Device Management with IBM MaaS360

    MDM enables you to control your mobile assets whilst keeping security at the forefront at all times. With many employees using devices for both personal and business, your organisation needs to ensure the data and applications are secure.

    • Ensure authorised devices have secure access to email resources and accounts
    • Secure devices through activating encryption and enforced password policies
    • Secure against unauthorised use by locking down security, enforcing restrictions and wiping devices
    • Easily manage devices from a single console including updating policies, settings, certificates, software, applications and permissions
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    Read the Mobile Device Management datasheet


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  • Roaming costs

    Changes to Roaming in Turkey 

    1 June 2020

    As of 1 June 2020, Turkey will no longer be classed as an EU Zone 2 roaming destination across all our Vodafone & O2 tariffs.

    Turkey will be classified under Rest of World Zone 1, and as such there will be some changes to the way in which you are billed for usage when you are travelling to this destination. Please take care when using your device and see our Blog for full details.

    Inflight & at Sea calls/data will cost you!

    Inflight rates

    Inflight calling/data (where permitted by the airline) is charged at different rates and not included within any bundles. Please take care when using your device and note the rates below:
    • To make a call £3.34 per minute
    • Receiving a call £2.50 per minute
    • Text Message £1.42
    • MMS £0.75
    • Data £10.00 per MB

    Avoid bill surprises! We recommend closing down Apps and turning off all your mobile devices when not in use or setting them to Airplane/flight mode.

    The following links provide some helpful insights: 
    Mobile expense management
    Singapore Air
    At Sea rates

    Maritime calling/data rates, which can apply on cruise ships, ferries, oil rigs & Eurostar also vary.  A call on a cruise ship, ferry or oil rig often uses a maritime network that will be registered in a country rather than your location at sea.

    This is why a call made on a ferry between Portsmouth and Spain could show on your bill as ‘Iceland’ or as ‘Maritime,’ ‘AT&T’ or ‘Satellite,’ depending on the country the network is registered in. 

    Maritime networks can be picked up on land too, especially if you’re close to a port. If this happens and you’d rather connect to a local network, please adjust your handsets network preference setting.

    Please take care when using your device and note the rates below:
    • To make a call £4.00 per minute
    • Receiving a call £3.00 per minute
    • Text Message £1.70
    • MMS £0.90
    • Data £12.00 per MB
    Contact your Account Manager if you have any concerns about using your mobile abroad.

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