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Secure Data, Reduce Vulnerabilities and Deploy Countermeasures

Information security & cyber threats are evolving at a blistering pace, making a layered approach to defence essential to protect your business resources and data.

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Our Cyber Security Solutions

IntraLAN’s comprehensive cyber security detection, protection and response capabilities leverage security best practice, advanced products & services, and multiple security controls to reduce, remove and mitigate risk.

Our objective is to reduce your exposure to threats, prevent unforeseen costs and ease your compliance and GDPR burden.

Protecting your data isn’t only about avoiding the wrath of the ICO, but also includes strengthening business credibility, securing your brand reputation and ensuring business continuity.

Benefits of using IntraLAN Cyber Security service

  • Proven track record - providing IT service & support  since 1995
  • Security-as-a-Service - everything is centrally managed by our dedicated, trusted IntraLAN security associates, providing you with complete peace of mind and the confidence to focus on growing your business

Defence in depth

  • Detect, protect and remediation service:
    24/7 cyber security monitoring of all assets (laptops, PCs, servers, network equipment, etc.) in our Security Operations Centre lets us protect and react to threats the moment they happen.
  • Physical access: guards, gates, locks, port block-outs and key cards keep malicious people away from systems they shouldn't touch.
  • Network security: switches, printers, wireless, firewalls – intrusion detection and prevention systems combined with robust networking equipment configuration ensure maximum security.
  • Application management: applications are infused with security best practice such as role-based access controls and forced username/password logins.
  • Device hardening: the default settings of routers, switches, firewalls and mobile devices differs so solutions, such as IBM MaaS360, simplify how to harden devices.
  • Computer hardening: software vulnerabilities are a major way intruders gain access to IT systems, so we use core solutions like antivirus software, application white-listing and endpoint security (IBM MaaS360, Microsoft InTune for mobile protection) as well as continuous cyber security monitoring for advanced protection and risk reduction.
  • Out of office protection: being on the road warrants even stronger protection, so we fully protect all movable digital assets, such as laptops and mobiles (even when they are disconnected). Intelligent protection software installations, including the return of service post disruption, unite with our innovative off-site BackUp & Restore services.
  • Cyber security awareness training: your people are often the weakest link in the chain, by educating your workforce to subtly modify their behaviour and stay alert to common exploits, you can stop attackers in their tracks. IntraLAN offers Cyber Security awareness training as a service for employees and associates.

All of the above is installed with minimal fuss and interruption.  

Protect your data and your brand - read our latest cyber threat defence articles in Platinum Business Magazine.

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