DarkWeb Patrol

The dark web

Shield Your Information

DarkWeb Patrol helps you guard against unauthorised access to your sensitive data, thwarting potential breaches.

Stay Ahead of Threats

Proactively monitor the hidden corners of the internet to identify emerging threats before they strike.

Digital Vigilance

With DarkWeb Patrol, enhance your cybersecurity posture, helping to ensure a vigilant defence against the evolving landscape of cyber threats.

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    Protect your data

    The dark web is a realm within the vast World Wide Web, that is only accessible by employing a special fusion of human expertise and cutting-edge technology.

    Are your company’s credentials hidden in the shadows? Daily, thousands of sensitive data pieces find their way to the dark web, posing a substantial risk, often unbeknownst until it’s too late.

    Guarding with Unmatched Vigilance. Our unique 24/7/365 blend of human and machine-powered monitoring ensures unparalleled protection for both business and personal credentials.

    DarkWeb Patrol

    Data’s Dangerous Journey

    Your information journeys to the dark web through cyberattacks and phishing, becoming a prized currency for malicious actors.

    The Dark Web’s Black Market

    Once on the dark web, your data enters a shadowy marketplace. It’s bought, sold, and dumped into pools, fuelling cybercrime.

    DarkWeb Patrol Vigilance

    In the digital shadows, IntraLAN’s DarkWeb Patrol proactively hunts, tracks, and verifies your information. Our unique blend of human analysts and advanced tech ensures we intercept trouble before it impacts you.

    Swift Alerts, Swift Defence

    Compromised credentials are unearthed from dark web markets and data dumps. DarkWeb Patrol alerts you with speed, empowering you to thwart cybercriminals before they strike.

    DarkWeb Patrol

    Pricing – Clear, Simple, Secure!

    One-Off Setup Fee – £99 **Free until the end of 2023**

    Monthly Recurring Fee – £60 per domain – up to 250 users

    **20% discount for orders placed before the end of 2023**

    Additional users (over 250) – £3 per user per month

    Contact us now to take advantage of our introductory offer for free setup and 20% off the monthly recurring fee

    Based on a 36 month contract

      Keep me safe

      Complete the form or call: 0344 770 7000

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