Over the last decade, technology and the web of connected devices known as the Internet of Things (IoT) have grown exponentially. The resulting impacts on global business have been significant. Enterprise-level IT and technology experts, IntraLAN discuss how the IoT has impacted its customers’ operations.

Technology is constantly evolving, and the number of available connected devices continues to grow. For business, this evolution is a double-edged sword with good and bad elements and for those, who can quickly adapt, the rewards are plentiful.

What is the Internet of Things?

The IoT is the evolving digital world in which we live. Whilst including foundational devices like desktops, laptops and smartphones, it has spread to include billions of connected devices worldwide.

Thanks to widely available and inexpensive processing chips, turning anything into a connected device is almost possible. From cloud storage and children’s toys to smart cars, aeroplanes and wearables, the IoT is already embedded into not only business, but everyday life.

More Data = Increased Productivity

The world is in the thick of the data revolution, where big data companies act on in-depth data received from the world’s smart devices. Currently, there are an estimated 15 billion smart devices across the globe, collecting data that your business could use to make further efficiencies or increase productivity. 

Knowing exactly how your business incrementally operates thanks to sensors in processes such as assembly lines, warehouses and transport, IoT systems and data centres can enable you to gain insight into your company’s overall performance against industry standards. Having this insight provides an opportunity to use the vast amount of incoming data to make instant changes and plan for a more efficient and productive future.

Artificial Intelligence in the IoT

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer the subject of science fiction movies. It’s providing businesses with enhanced cost-efficiency, decreased downtimes and adaptable cybersecurity. 

Devices in the IoT are full of AI. From machine learning in cybersecurity to AI implementation in construction and manufacturing, industries that have begun working with AI-based technology are reaping a whole host of benefits, including:

  • Reduced workload from eliminating menial/repetitive tasks
  • Less human error thereby reducing downtime
  • Better customer service and client satisfaction
  • More consistent product quality and higher quality results
  • More robust cybersecurity

Real-time Tracking and Inventory Management

Many global industries rely on product warehousing and storage. Before the IoT, inventory management and tracking were incredibly manual and time-consuming. 

Thanks to connected devices, QR codes, barcode scanning systems, AI-driven operations and real-time monitoring, these industries are seeing a significant increase in workforce productivity, decreased inventory write-offs because of lost, misplaced or miscounted goods and a dramatic rise in productivity.

Remote and Hybrid Working

Initially driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, remote and hybrid working saw a significant increase over the past few years. Many businesses were ill-equipped to handle the rapid changes to workplace management and the influx of connected devices required for an efficient hybrid workforce. As time has gone on, companies have adapted relatively well and are ready for the distributed workforce of the future.

Andy Horn, IntraLAN CEO, comments:

“The last two years have been challenging for businesses globally. The pandemic has pushed primarily in-office businesses to adapt to a hybrid working environment. This has presented a myriad of security challenges.

“With an ever-increasing range of connected devices and hybrid or remote working situations, our IT and technology experts have helped many of our clients adapt by removing the headache of complicated connectivity issues whilst ensuring their network and infrastructure are as impenetrable as possible.”

As innovation continues and the scope of the IoT expands, companies will need to further adapt to these changes and make the most of the opportunities they present. IntraLAN helps provide fast, reliable connectivity to underpin your business with the very best in fibre infrastructure. Contact IntraLAN today to discover how we can help your business harness the power of the growing Internet of Things.