How are your employees getting on?

by | Oct 20, 2020

Continuing the conversation about location independent working, or working from home.

It is quite interesting discussing the new modus operandi of working away from the office. For many it is business as usual in terms of productivity and outputs and measuring the usual KPIs and metrics that one would normally use to manage a business.

The bit that seems to be missing in the conversation is how are people actually getting on?

I don’t mean their mental state, that is the subject for another blog altogether, but how are they managing with the IT kit and numerous applications and systems they need for day to day working?

The feedback I am getting from a number of customers and business owners is that they simply, have no idea, they haven’t asked.

Many businesses have no idea how their employees’ IT systems are working, if they are having challenges with connectivity, calls dropping out, contention within the home, or security issues.

Employees with systems working well, all safe and secure, will be considerably more productive, and ultimately create a greater return for your company.

It doesn’t matter if you are a large corporate or a small enterprise, take some time today to speak to your employees. Check they have business grade connectivity, security and backup to make working from home an enjoyable and productive experience for both them and your business.

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Andy Horn, CEO