Fibre broadband should be part of the connectivity conversation

by | Jun 10, 2020

The lockdown has seen a significant increase in internet usage. Not only are we streaming more content, but every member of a household is spending considerable time on video calls. Whether it’s e-learning for your children, catching up with friends and family or joining a company-wide meeting, video is a significant contributor to this increase in internet traffic.

The move from the office to working at home has been a smoother transition for those with fast, reliable broadband but this hasn’t been the case for everyone.

The future of work – is the home office here to stay?
As of September 2019, only 8% of UK households have access to full-fibre connectivity (BBC News). During this time, that could mean that many employees are struggling to stay connected whilst they share capacity with the rest of their household.

What at first might have seemed like a temporary measure, remote working now looks to continue for the majority of businesses for the next few months. For some businesses, discussions will be underway about the future of office working altogether. Businesses might want to consider boosting employees’ home broadband to enable them to continue to work remotely seamlessly.

We’ve been discussing the UK’s fibre landscape for a while now and the government’s Gigabit scheme to provide funding for businesses and households in rural areas. We’re hopeful that recent events have shown the need for greater fibre connectivity across the UK and that we will see a more rapid rollout, empowering businesses to offer a more permanent remote working environment to those that want it.

Even for those who can access fibre, installation availability has been delayed due to an (understandable) increase in demand. Some providers have also had to cap data to deal with the sudden increase in usage.

For businesses wanting to provide additional connectivity to their employees and to ensure their own internal networks are reliable, a 4G mobile failover is a quick and easy alternative to provide connectivity and ensure business continuity.

Businesses are also providing dedicated secure business lines to employees to avoid contention on the network. No more battles for who gets to use the internet – business can continue uninterrupted even if online classes, Netflix binges and gaming with friends are happening on the house connection.

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