Free Your Employees from Lockdown 3 Frustrations

by | Jan 5, 2021

Some business leaders will proclaim “here we go again,” this morning, however in reality, even before last night’s announcement, the vast majority of businesses have kept staff working from home throughout 2020’s yo-yo restrictions.

This pandemic has undeniably proven that enterprises can function without everyone having to waste time commuting to a big shiny office.

Remote workforces are not without their challenges, not least the impact on the mental health of people, but there are plenty of ways to help alleviate some of this stress.

Employees want to perform when working from home, so when cloud systems and home broadband connectivity fall down, it’s frustrating for workers because they feel cut off from their jobs.

Enterprises essentially need their “office in a box” – something that people can plug in at home without any of the stress of personal IT troubleshooting, network contention and the worry that they might cause a data breach.

This “office in a box” concept isn’t new – it’s existed throughout the pandemic – and those who had the foresight to implement solutions during last year’s calmer months are reaping the rewards now.

This plug and play service can include:

  • Business grade broadband, complying with all your policies and procedures
  • Hosted telephony with VPN and appropriate calling plans
  • Mobile device and management

From our seamless WorkIN product to call centre specific solutions, all of this can be invoiced centrally to your business, allowing you to get on with your daily job, without the stress of inconsistent, insecure connectivity and poor service.

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