How to deliver exceptional flexible working for your company

by | Mar 4, 2020

Flexible and remote working has ushered in a new era of work, one made up of entirely distributed teams, four day working weeks and stronger business resilience.


Nowadays, few businesses need all their staff stationed permanently in the office 100% of the time, yet everyone still needs secure access to company data, wherever that might be. That could apply to sales teams in the field visiting prospects, engineers working on-site or regional managers working from home.

It’s worth investing in flexible and remote working. For one, it can significantly improve employee wellbeing. Employees with care responsibilities can adopt flexible working hours. Parents can build their work around their families. People feel more in control.

There are sustainability benefits with less employees commuting to the office too. Remote working also breathes life into existing working practices, as they are adapted, streamlined and improved to cater for a more modern working structure.

It’s important for IT and HR to work together closely so flexible working practices benefit both employees and the business, all the while working seamlessly from a technical perspective.

Cloud collaboration solutions like Microsoft Teams enable employees to access company data wherever they are, increasing productivity, building stronger relationships and encouraging a more collaborative workplace.

With freedom comes risk, though, especially as there is an increase in devices accessing the network. These could lead to a security breach if devices are left unmonitored. Systems must empower people while protecting company data at all times.

In light of current affairs and with working from home a key initiative within the government’s plan to reduce the spread of coronavirus, a very particular set of circumstances has arisen.

Having a contingency plan in place so employees can work from home in the event of any disruption, coronavirus or otherwise, is wise for business continuity.

Disruption could arise from simply losing power in the office or travel issues, or stem from a large-scale international event like we’re witnessing at the moment.

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