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High performing fibre / leased lines for speed & reliability. A 100Mb private, secure and rock-solid data line with ultra-low latency for guaranteed performance.

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Our Internet Solutions

We did something very special a few years ago for all customers who have Managed IT Services with us. We built our own broadband network to bypass the typical service issues encountered on the networks that were built for the masses.

We can provide access through our own network ensuring continually monitored services. You will never have to put up with degradation of service and you will never be fighting for bandwidth again, as we only provide connectivity to a selected customers.

Unlike most broadband providers, our network is able to reliably route VoIP traffic – a key factor for the successful deployment of VoIP solutions.

Our Internet Solutions

What do you need?

  • Enjoy an improved web and server hosting service. Your customers will appreciate fast pages and you’ll particularly appreciate the speed of our response to requests.

    When it comes to making your presence felt on the web, we believe that high availability, speed and experience are the key factors in choosing a hosting provider.

    You should particularly consider moving your web hosting to us if you have/now need to have a dedicated server (for technical support), currently host your web-site with your web developer (to avoid being “held to ransome”) or you’re just not happy with the support/performance of your current web provider. We offer two services:

    Web hosting

    This is a fully managed and inexpensive service for “flat” (i.e.no authentication or databases) web sites. Your web-site will be on a dedicated shared web server. You (or your web developer) will have FTP access to upload and maintain the web-site (or we can install for you for a nominal fee). We then maintain the overall server, including back-ups.

    Server hosting

    Were you need your own server (e.g. databases), we offer 2 services:

    Physical server. We will physically host your server in our rack for a fixed monthly fee, charged by its U height. Responsibility for its maintenance and upkeep remains with you.

    Virtual server. We will provide a Virtual Server which is mounted onto a high specification shared physical server (host). Your Virtual Server remains entirely self-contained (exactly as though on its own physical server), running your OS and databases of choice. The maximum disk space allocated to your Virtual Server is 100Gb. We will maintain the host hardware/OS and backups of your Virtual Server; you or your web development company will need to maintain the Virtual Server itself (or add it to your NetCare for us to monitor it).


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  • We offer 3 DNS services:

    • Hosting
    • New domain name registrations
    • Transfer of existing

    Individual domain name hosting. This service is particularly recommended for our NetCare customers as it allows us instant access to make changes (e.g. MX records for email delivery), rather than waiting/relying on 3rd parties. Note that you are entitled to one DNS hosting per DSL line provided by us. Bulk (>10) domain hosting costs by negotiation.

    New Domain Name Registrations

    We will securely check whether a name is available (and/or suggest similar alternatives). Unlike a number of registration services, you remain the owner (we are merely hosting). Further, we do not participate in the dubious practice of charging annual renewal fees; provided you keep your hosting with us, there are no further charges for these annual renewals or any updates.

    Transferring an existing Domain Name

    This service is available for our NetCare customers who recognise the convenience of us managing and updating their DNS file. The transfer can be implemented and managed by either you or us; experience dictates some are quick & simple, others are challenging – often depending on the out-going ISP’s performance. If you elect for:

    IntraLAN to undertake the transfer - we will still need you to write instructions on your letterhead (DPA and authorisation reasons) which we will directly guide you. We will then be responsible as far as reasonably practical to ensure the transfer is completed successfully and on time – but understand we’re still at the behest of the out-going ISP.

    Yourselves to undertake the transfer - the guide lines below should help – please don’t elect to transfer it yourselves and then come back to us to sort things out – otherwise we will still charge the transfer fee (frankly, if you get a difficult one, you will appreciate what our charges are for!).

    How to transfer a .co.uk domain name
    • Contact your current ISP and inform them that you want to transfer your domain name over to another ISP. They may request this in writing in which case, state (on your letterhead), “We would like to transfer our domain name to our new ISP whose TAG is INTRALAN”
    • Once your ISP has made the changes, we will automatically receive notification that your domain name has been changed to our TAG and we will then pick the domain name up

    How to Transfer a .com / .org domain name:
    • Contact your current ISP and inform them that you want to transfer your domain name to your new ISP, IntraLAN. They should ask for written confirmation (use your letterhead and state, “Please release our (domain name(s)). Our new Registra is eNom.” eNom is the UK “clearing house” for .com and .org domain names
    • The current ISP will then need to carry out 3 actions
      • Unlock your domain name
      • Give you an authorisation code for the transfer
      • Check that the WHOIS email information within the record is correct (this must be a senior person in your company that is able to pick up e-mails)
    • Once you have the confirmation that the lock has been released and you have the authorisation code we can then request the domain name off eNom
    • This triggers a security check by sending the WHOIS contact an email and that person (through a link in the email) needs to OK the final step of the transfer to us

    The above process will take 5-10 working days to complete. All .uk domain name activity (registration, transfer etc) in the UK is goverened by Nominet. For more information, see http://www.nic.uk. UK domains are subject to Nominet’s Policies and Rules.

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