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Our IT service and support

Established since 1995, we are highly experienced in IT networks, IT support solutions, as well as being a certified Microsoft Gold Partner. Microsoft Partners need to know their stuff. A company won’t become a Gold Partner simply by being a reasonably good all-rounder; Microsoft wants to see real, in-depth knowledge, and at the cutting-edge when it comes to extending and developing products.

  • Single point of contact for all IT and Telephony
  • Speed of response – Proactive monitoring – Early warning alerts
  • Accredited and experienced Help Desk engineers who understand your IT infrastructure
  • Access to a Customer portal to log, track and review support calls
  • Remote access supporting all levels – recognising that some teams do not have onsite support
  • Software license and hardware warranty tracking
  • End user and systems administrator training

Our IT service and support

What do you need?

  • IntraLAN has been working with Microsoft networks for many years and, as a Gold Partner we have a strong technical grounding.

    So it’s probably more helpful to set out our particular areas of expertise (and areas we don’t aspire to provide):

    Areas we support
    • On premise Microsoft Server technologies, such as Windows Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server
    • Microsoft Office 365 including hybrid deployments
    • Security, such as Firewalls, Anti-Malware, Disaster Recovery and Multi-Factor Authentication
    • VoIP: for reasons that should now be getting obvious, a natural extension of our skills + telephony services is the provision of (VoIP) services
    • Wide Area Networks (WAN): A key focus for modern business is multi-site working, whether for branch offices or home workers our repertoire or Point To Point, VPN and SD-WAN technologies allow us to provide the ideal solution. This is a natural niche given our skills in CISCO, Zyxell and our private VPN/ISP services (including DSL, leased and EPS9 lines)
    • High Availability, Network resilience and Business continuity. From simple dual Internet lines with auto-failover across two different carriers, to highly available firewalls and warm spare switches and on to full platform, cloud based disaster recovery technologies. We can install and support all the Microsoft software suites suitable for the SME (10-250 PC) businesses. We will also happily integrate Unix servers and MAC workstations (to connect to Outlook etc)
    Areas we don’t support
    • Web development
    • Database development, although we can supply and support the platform for them to reside
    • Application development, however we work closely with many different LOB vendors for our partners
    • Non-Microsoft servers, but we do provide network connectivity to many non-Microsoft platforms for our partners
  • IntraLAN provides a flexible approach to your IT requirements, predominately aimed at serving SMEs in London & the South East of England.

    We’ve been installing and supporting IT networks since 1995. Over 24 years, we’ve gained the interesting privilege of inheriting literally hundreds of networks – some good, many not so good…

    It’s this constant exposure to so many network methodologies, coupled with best industry practices, training and experience that enables us to build your IT network in the way you need it to run your business.

    Quite simply, to our clients, we are their IT partner, not their IT supplier. You have access to our skilled team of Microsoft Certified Engineers, backed up by your own Customer Account Manager (CAM) to help you with any questions or problems you may have. In short, if you need IT support in London or the Home counties, we tick all the boxes.

    It is also worth highlighting that all our remote diagnostics software has been written in-house, designed to enable us to give you the best possible service. Through our client portal, you can log, track, review your support calls and manage a number of network resources.

    Health Check Objectives
    • To ensure it meets our minimum standards for NetCare support
    • To provide you with an unbiased written report on the overall status of your network including recommendations and indicative costs
    What we’ll review

    This is strictly a “look only” survey – we will not be making any configuration changes to any part of the network as it may affect an existing support contract, except we’ll load an agent called IAMS to gather metrics on each device over the next 10 days. The agent is tiny and can be unilaterally uninstalled across all devices with a single click at any time. You can select any or all of the following 3 areas to be included in the survey:

    1. Servers

      Whilst the IAMS monitor is installed, you can keep abreast of the initial diagnostics through our dashboard portal. It monitors 20+ key performance areas including memory, processor, disk I/O, paging, logs, system services, whether patches and anti-virus are up-to-date, back-ups etc. You’ll also receive the weekly summary report on the Sunday afternoon. This is the same report you’ll receive every week if you continue with our NetCare Server support. We will also make notes on your peripheral equipment including printers, Internet lines, switches, firewalls and UPS.

    2. Workstations

      Similar to the server option, this monitors several parameters which will identify any issues. Our engineer will install the IAMS on each nominated PC whilst catching up with the end user on their experiences. Should you continue with NetCare Workstation, you will have the following:

      • Help-desk
      • Full hardware + software asset tracking (sample right)
      • Patching
      • Remote take-over
      • Anti-virus (centrally reported to us)
      • Spam filtering (before reaching your Exchange server) with daily quarantine reports
      • External email services in DR emergency (access to inbox, send/reply to emails)
    3. Microsoft licensing audit

      Microsoft are very active in checking company’s licensing compliance. You may receive an email requesting that you complete a (somewhat intimidating) spreadsheet to demonstrate your compliance. They are persistent and if you decline to respond, then they will contract an external agency to contact you directly.

    This module will review
    • What licensing you should have (based on servers, workstations and what Microsoft components you are running)
    • What licensing you have (based on a Consumption report from Microsoft + any OEM/FPP software you have in drawers)
    • What licensing you are short in (if any)
    The report

    The report will be available within the week of completing the IAMS monitoring.

    It will aggregate input from:

    • Engineer’s observations
    • IAMS monitor (Servers + Workstations)
    • Microsoft Consumption report + on-site licenses
    • Anecdotal comments from your staff + your top 3 issues

    We’ll be happy to provide recent genuine reports (names removed) if that helps.

    It will be in 2 sections
    1. Our findings:

      Laid out in a clear list of observations, colour-coded:

      • Red

        This is important, needs to be addressed straight away and would preclude us from covering this server/workstation/network without an agreed remedial action plan.

      • Amber

        Whilst not critical, it isn’t right and needs to be addressed.

      • Green

        Worthy of your consideration.

    2. Recommendations and indicative costs:
      For each of the Red and Amber items, there will be further explanation, recommendations and indicative costs.
      Once you have received the report, we will meet with you (at no further cost) to expand on our findings and discuss the recommendations. Based on your decision and or refinements, we would then be happy to produce a full recommendation for any remedial works.

    Your preparations
    1. List your top 3 network issues so that the engineer can make particular notes on possible causes.
    2. Advise users that their PC will need a brief 2 min visit by the engineer which is also their opportunity to provide any feedback.
    3. Have the Administrator credentials available to log our engineer onto your servers.
    4. Microsoft licensing. If selected, please gather all your paper/box licensing together into one place.
    Survey costs

    The invoice will be raised on the day of the site visit. In the event that you subsequently contract to NetCareLAN for a minimum of 6 months, the full cost of the survey will be credited to your account at the end of the sixth month.

    Survey Costs
    • Servers + peripherals £400 + £100 per server
    • Workstations £5 ea.
    • Microsoft software license check £200 + £25 per server (non-refundable MS costs?)
  • Our NetCare support package is modular, offering great flexibility to accommodate your business’s changing needs as you grow – with predictable monthly costs.

    Central to NetCare is IAMS (IntraLAN Advanced Monitoring System) web portal that monitors, tracks and raises alerts for all Windows servers, workstations, mobiles, failed back-ups etc.

    For customers looking to outsource their IT support, we will monitor and maintain your network.

    NetCare is the base module, you can selectively add servers, workstations, mobiles and regular on-site engineering to your IAMS dashboard.

    Browse our NetCare IT Support Services brochure here for full details and pricing.

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