IntraLAN’s letsgo2 Case Study Covered in Computing

by | Sep 10, 2020

Computing is the UK’s longest running business IT publication and recently reporter John Leonard interviewed IntraLAN customer, letsgo2, about our work together.

Drawing on letsgo2’s case study, Computing delved deeper into why the travel firm has left its office for good and how we have helped guide letsgo2 through this transformative decision.

As Computing explained, “Having observed how smoothly employees adapted to the new conditions forced upon them by Covid-19, the firm decided to cut its ties to bricks and mortar for good.”

This decision was possible because of letsgo2’s flexible technology stack and the fact that the business entrusts its entire IT estate to us.

John Leonard continued: “[IntraLAN] was heavily involved with the practical details of the move, including helping staff set up internet access points for home connectivity,” before quoting Chris Ward, Managing Director at letsgo2, directly: “IntraLAN quickly gave us confidence that everything would be looked after. We’ve seen no difference in our service.”

This seamless change coupled with the freedoms granted by our Work IN service, our affordable, easy-to-deploy offering for distributed workforces and remote working, has meant that, in Computing’s words, “[letsgo2] has so far enabled homeworking without a hitch.”

Read the full interview with letsgo2 here.