letsgo2 Case Study: Working From Anywhere, Made Easy

by | Aug 12, 2020

Few businesses expect to invoke their business continuity strategies, however faced with its office being closed for an unknown length of time and an intensely disrupted travel sector, Chris Ward, letsgo2’s managing director, came to us to help.

letsgo2’s journey has been a two-step process that has seen IntraLAN:

  1. Successfully implemented remote working without any interruption to business
  2. Guide letsgo2 through the decision to leave its office completely

People now enjoy the freedom of working anywhere and the business can adapt swiftly to any future changes. The travel firm has saved considerable money by leaving its office, built more flexible working practices and ensured business continuity.

The business can also take advantage of Work IN, IntraLAN’s IT and connectivity service for home-based, remote or distributed workforces.

Read the case study to understand why Chris Ward said: “We were making quick, substantial changes to our business and IntraLAN was by our side, ensuring full continuity. Everything was seamless.”