Making Microsoft Teams work for your business

by | Jun 24, 2020

We’re hosting a series of ‘Fit for modern team working’ webinars with our trusted partner Pragmagy Consulting – specialists in Microsoft communication & collaboration – and these sessions are designed to explore all the features of Microsoft Teams.

From total beginners on Microsoft Teams through to those wanting to get more out of their investment, the demos and tips guide you through the many useful features of Teams – it’s much more than just a video and chat tool!

The first webinar, Staying Productive while Working Remotely, was an introduction to the software and all the ways it can be used to collaborate and work efficiently as an organisation. The focus was very much on remote working and how organisations can use Teams to collaborate, stay in touch and deliver a better work/life balance.

The webinar covered:

  • How to have better online meetings – eliminating the tech challenges, distractions and other headaches often associated with video calls
  • Managing your team – utilising Teams features to discuss, collaborate and communicate better now that your team isn’t physically together
  • How to get work done – finding a way to focus and manage interruptions
  • Working together – creating templates, review processes and other tools to work collaboratively on documents and projects
  • Building a community and trust – engaging and interacting with the whole organisation creating a social environment outside of projects

The second in the series, Harnessing the Power of Microsoft Teams to Build Customer Relationships was all about taking it up a level and using Microsoft Teams as a tool to interact with customers, clients and external agencies.

Topics of discussion included:

  • Online Meetings – making calls with external contacts seamless
  • Teams for Telephony – setting-up Teams to work as a replacement for or alongside existing business phone systems (BPX)
  • Virtual events – organising and hosting online live events including training sessions and company update meetings
  • Working together – creating channels with external parties to get projects completed
  • Sharing securely – options for securely sending files to external parties

Interested in hearing more about how to make the most of Microsoft Teams?

Sign-up here to the third webinar in the series, Positive Governance in 5 steps with Microsoft Teams, 2nd July at 1100am.

You can watch the previous webinar recordings here: