Service that Never Stops: Why specialist mobile services are part of a great remote working strategy

by | Apr 9, 2020

It is crucial to modern business models, and IT (especially with remote working and the majority of services used being cloud-based), that you, your staff and your Customers can connect. Network availability is crucial. 

We recognize the current remote working situation is unfamiliar to many, and continue to provide advice on how businesses can deliver an excellent service to their people and customers.

Effective remote working consists of many different digital services and even though people are working from home at the moment, mobile services are crucial and really benefit businesses during this time.

Ensure business continuity with 4G Backup

With the reliance on connectivity during this period and a significant increase in global internet traffic, it’s important to have a plan in place for your team in case there are connectivity issues or systems fail.

With a ‘4G failover’ setup, systems will be moved over seamlessly to a mobile network using the latest 4G technology whilst your network issues are resolved, avoiding costly downtime and ensuring your team can continue working.

Utilise mobile data when home broadband is unreliable

On the topic of connectivity, not all of us are fortunate enough to have superfast, reliable broadband at home. Upgrading these staff to a mobile plan with high data allowances would enable them to tether their other devices and utilise mobile connectivity when their connection is intermittent or overloaded.

When using mobile data, it is always important to ensure that the connection is secured through appropriate mobile security solutions.

Provide business mobiles at short notice

With employees now away from the office, they no longer have access to office phones.

You may have already switched to a VoIP setup, but if not, it might be worth considering business mobile contracts so your team can keep dialling out.

Many people are put off by the cost of business plans and buying secondary handsets for team members, but there are SIM-only plans available that are inexpensive and efficient to manage.

Manage usage and security remotely

More so than ever, keeping costs down is important. Although you want your team to be able to work as usual, an unexpectedly high data bill is best avoided if possible. Cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions enable you to place data caps on business mobiles as well as protecting the business network.

If you allow employees to use a personal device to connect to the business network, it is vital that the device has appropriate security and employees are up to speed on how to protect and secure business data to avoid a security breach.

As phishing and malware attacks rise, as hackers take advantage of this new working landscape, web filtering polices help with GDPR compliance and real-time protection block attackers from exfiltrating data from devices.

If you’d like to discuss your mobile element of remote working and how we can help you navigate home working for your business, please get in touch.