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Fixed Line Services


How important is fast data connectivity to your business?

Can you afford to compromise your business efficiency by not having the ‘best of breed’ broadband service?

With the massive growth in business Internet use and with almost everyone now in a company accessing cloud services, e mails, applications, sending and receiving files, accessing video and security systems, then having, best speed, resilience, stability and a high level of reliability has never been more mission critical to your business than today.

Please follow these guidelines to find the best Broadband to suit your business:

ADSL 2 – Very small office / home – staff: 1 – 2 Sites: 1 – from £25.00 per month

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) – Small office – staff: 2 – 5 Sites: 1 – from £45.00 per month

FTTC / GEA – Medium office – staff: 5 – 20 Sites: 1 – 2 – from £45.00 per month

Generic Ethernet Access (GEA) / Fibre Ethernet Leased line – Medium to large office – staff: 20-200 Sites: Multi – from £85.00 per month

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Please call our sales office today on 0344 770 7000 to discuss your business specific Broadband requirements.

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What a cracking job you have done, I hadn’t appreciated the extent of what you (IntraLAN) had achieved, how professional you are and how impressed we are with the “can do” and teamwork to still deliver in spite of some serious adversities

Nelson, CEO at Pabulam Catering Ltd, Fleet Hampshire

Thank you to you and the team for another year of superb IT support and advice

Tom Brown, IT Manager at Liberty Wines Ltd London SW4

We cannot praise highly enough everyone at IntraLAN, from Helpdesk Support to Account Managers, they really do greatly assist in the smooth running of our business which is heavily IT reliant

Simon Grimmond, Partners Wealth Management, London EC2

IntraLAN have provided regular, comprehensive progress updates and achieved deadlines in a timely fashion

David Briggs, General Manager at London Medical, London W1