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IntraLAN provides a flexible approach to your IT requirements, predominately aimed at serving SMEs in the South East of England.

We’ve been installing and supporting IT networks since 1995. Over 20 years, we’ve gained the interesting privileged of inheriting literally hundreds of networks – some good, many not so good… It’s this constant exposure to so many network methodologies, coupled with best industry practices, training and experience that enables us to build your IT network in the way you need it to run your business.

We offer a straight talking, honest approach.

Quite simply, to our clients, we are their IT partner, not their IT supplier. You have access to our skilled team of Microsoft Certified Engineers, backed up by your own Customer Account Manager (CAM) to help you with any questions or problems you may have. In short, if you need IT support London or the Home counties, we believe we’re one of the best.
It is also worth commenting that all our remote diagnostics software has been written in-house, designed to enable us to give you the best possible service. Through our client portal, you can log, track, review your support calls and manage a number of network resources.

Health Check Objectives

What we’ll review

This is strictly a “look only” survey – we will not be making any configuration changes to any part of the network as it may affect an existing support contract, save we’ll load an agent called IAMS to gather metrics on each device over the next 10 days. The agent is tiny and can be unilaterally uninstalled across all devices with a single click at any time. You can select any or all of the following 3 areas to be included in the survey, costs are on the back page.

1. Servers

Whilst the IAMS monitor is installed, you can keep abreast of the initial diagnostics through our dashboard portal. It monitors 30+ key performance areas including memory, processor, disk I/O, paging, logs, system services, whether patches and anti-virus are up-to-date, back-ups etc. You’ll also receive the weekly summary report on the Sunday afternoon. This is the same report you’ll receive every week if you continue with our NetCare Server support. We will also make notes on your peripheral equipment including printers, Internet lines, switches, firewalls and UPS.

2. Workstations

Similar to the server option, this monitors several parameters which will identify any issues. Our engineer will install the IAMS on each nominated PC whilst catching up with the end user on their experiences. Should you continue with NetCare Workstation, you’ll have:

3. Microsoft licensing audit

2013 has seen Microsoft be very active in checking company’s licensing compliance. You may receive an email requesting that you complete a (somewhat intimidating) spreadsheet to demonstrate your compliance. They are persistent and if you decline to respond, then they will contract an external agency to contact you directly.

This module will review:

The report

The report will be available within the week of completing the IAMS monitoring.

It will aggregate input from:

We’ll be happy to provide recent genuine reports (names removed) if that helps.

It will be in 2 sections:

1. Our findings:
Laid out in a clear list of observations, colour-coded:

This is important, needs to be addressed straight away and would preclude us from covering this server without an agreed remedial action plan.

Whilst not critical, it isn’t right and should to be addressed.

Worthy of comment for your consideration.

2. Recommendations & indicative costs:
For each of the Red and Amber items, there will be further explanation, recommendations and indicative costs.
Once you have received the report, we will meet with you (at no further cost) to expand on our findings and discuss the recommendations. Based on your decision and or refinements, we would then be happy to produce a full recommendation for any remedial works.

Your preparations

1) List your top 3 network issues so that the engineer can make particular notes on possible causes;

2) Advise users that their PC will need a brief 2 min visit by the engineer which is also their opportunity to provide any feedback;

3) Have the Administrator credentials available to log our engineer onto your servers;

4) Microsoft licensing. If selected, please gather all your paper/box licensing together into one place.

Survey costs

The invoice will be raised on the day of the site visit. In the event that you subsequently contract to NetCare Standard or NetCare ProActive for a minimum of 6 months, the full cost of the survey will be credited to your account at the end of the 6th month.

Survey Cost
Servers + peripherals £400 + £100 per server

Workstations £5 ea
Microsoft software license check £200 + £25 per server


Download our IT Health Audit Brochure for further information

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What a cracking job you have done, I hadn’t appreciated the extent of what you (IntraLAN) had achieved, how professional you are and how impressed we are with the “can do” and teamwork to still deliver in spite of some serious adversities

Nelson, CEO at Pabulam Catering Ltd, Fleet Hampshire

Thank you to you and the team for another year of superb IT support and advice

Tom Brown, IT Manager at Liberty Wines Ltd London SW4

We cannot praise highly enough everyone at IntraLAN, from Helpdesk Support to Account Managers, they really do greatly assist in the smooth running of our business which is heavily IT reliant

Simon Grimmond, Partners Wealth Management, London EC2

IntraLAN have provided regular, comprehensive progress updates and achieved deadlines in a timely fashion

David Briggs, General Manager at London Medical, London W1