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Your telephone system is the most important link between your business, your customers, and your prospects. Finding and implementing a robust solution will support you to help streamline processes, increase productivity and enhance customer service.

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We understand that every business is unique with different requirements and ways of working. Using our vast knowledge, experience, and portfolio of innovative solutions we will help you select the right system to suit your business and budgets.

Our telephony solutions

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We enjoy long-standing relationships with our clients, and selecting your solution is just the first step. We will support you throughout the whole process, from selection and installation to continued management and maintenance throughout the lifetime of your contract.

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Our telephony solutions

What do you need?

  • On-premise PBX

    An IP-PBX based in your office

    For years, the PBX (Private Branch Exchange) serviced the telecom requirements of most businesses, setting expectations of how calls are managed within the business environment.

    The PBX has since evolved from a system connecting us to the PSTN (public switched telephone network) via analogue & ISDN phone lines, to the latest evolution known as the IP PBX, connecting businesses with SIP trunks over their internet connection (additionally ISDN for those wanting some back up & resilience).

    SIP trunks

    SIP trunks have breathed new life into the IP PBX market, which is a direct alternative to the plethora of Hosted VoIP solutions on the market.

    By locating your IP PBX in your offices, you don’t have to pay any hosting fees. Running any service out of the cloud will always cost more than running from your own offices. IP PBX’s can run on low cost servers costing only a few hundred pounds, or of course, they can run on higher spec equipment if greater resilience/uptime is your key driver. Another benefit of an On Premise solution is that you can also install ISDN, which can be your primary, or a secondary trunk for increased resilience and peace of mind.

    Failover and resilience

    The key attribute of an On Premise solution is all about choice control.

    If deployed correctly, a single IP PBX, located within your offices can support users in multiple offices/locations.

    For those wanting increased resilience, additional IP PBX’s (deployed as local nodes) can offer failover for offices to continue working even when main PBX has a problem or failure. This level of resilience and customisation is not typically available from hosted VoIP services.

  • Private Cloud PBX

    Bridging the gap between Hosted VoIP services and On Premise PBX’s is the Cloud Server option.

    The concept enables you to purchase the IP PBX, but rather than deploying on a local server, at your offices, it is deployed on a virtual server in the cloud.

    All the benefits of running services from the cloud, but without the constraints of a multi-tenanted “ring fenced” environment.

    Of course, not every IP PBX can be deployed this way, but when selecting a solution, having the ability to be deployed in such a manner can have significant benefits.

    By taking a cloud server, you are “outsourcing” the headache of the hardware to run your phone system.

    If you are looking for more control over your phone system, but don’t want the hassle of maintaining hardware onsite, then a cloud server could be the right solution for you.

    • No on premise voice platform required
    • Minimal upfront charges
    • Pay monthly subscription service
    • Access to new features/software levels at no additional fee
    • Cloud-based Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery options
    • PSTN Service access via single or mixed SIP services, ISDN2/ISDN30 trunking for increased resilience
  • Hybrid Cloud PBX

    For those organisations where uptime is key, there are solutions on the market that can address such requirements.

    By deploying a virtual server in the cloud, as well as a gateway at the office, the system runs one live database over multiple locations. What this means is that if there is a hardware issue, there is another server which can service the needs of all the handsets, regardless of their location.

    Likewise, if you lose your Internet connection, local ISDN can be utilised to keep mission critical handsets in use, with minimal disruption. This is paramount for businesses where mobile failover is not a viable option.

    This is simply not an option if you elect to take a Hosted VoIP service. This is another example of the limitations of a rented service off the shelf.

    The cost for a hybrid deployment is much less than you may think and really does give the full belt and braces.

    • Main voice applications located on premise
    • Cloud based Survivable Gateway
    • Ability to combine cloud-based DR with on premise local survivability (typically main sites) for advanced Business Continuity
    • Improves network utilisation for remote offices and remote users
    • All the benefits of on premise
  • High quality business devices

    There are a range of devices available to complete your communications system, ranging in cost, complexity and capabilities. By understanding the way you work, we can recommend the most cost-effective and appropriate options for you.

    We have partnered with SpliceCom and Yealink to offer a wide range of endpoints, from display phones, feature phones, softphones, wireless DECT phones and conference devices.

    Splicecom Silver Cloud Service Partner accreditation logo Yealink logo
  • Features & Applications

    IntraLAN offers a wide range of phone and voice apps that put you in control of exactly how you take and make phone calls, wherever you might be:

    • Manage & control your desktop phone calls from your PC or Mac
    • Improve workflow & efficiency
    • Enhanced mobility – now you can be ‘in’ even when you’re ‘out’
    • Enhance company image at the point of contact
    • Powerful operation-wide analytics for business management
    • Manage and control costs

    Ideal for today’s mobile working practices, our range of features take personal productivity to the next level, saving your staff time and increasing efficiency.

    From browser-based call control to advanced personal call management features, IntraLAN can provide intuitive interfaces that manage business communications for all employees across the business irrespective of their role.

    Any phone system will offer far more features than you’ll ever need. In our experience, most companies will only fully utilise around ten features, but those ten features will be critical and unique to each individual business.

    We will help to identify which features you require, recommend a suitable system, and highlight any additional capabilities that may benefit your business. Most importantly, we will never attempt to recommend a system full of features that we know you don’t need and won’t use.

    In addition, Splicecoms’s range of IP softphone apps allows you to turn your laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet in to a highly featured business phone that’s fully integrated with your IntraLAN telephony system.

    Navigate UC is a powerful personal productivity tool that allows business to benefit from the unification of their key IT apps with their Splicecom business telephone system.

    Navigate UC helps to increase efficiency by showing the caller’s contact details on your PC screen before calls are answered and eliminating wrong numbers by enabling “click to dial” directly from Microsoft Skype for Business 2016, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Google Contacts.

    Navigate UC also provides real time Presence information on all your colleagues, allowing you to make instant and accurate decisions as to how and when is the best time to communicate with them. This could include integrated messaging (IM), which is also included on Navigate UC. This allows you to send messages to one or several users simultaneously from a single window using rich text and hyperlinks. There’s also a message history to keep track of past conversations.


    • Works with:
      • Microsoft Skype for Business 2016
      • Microsoft Outlook
      • Lotus Notes
      • Google Contacts
    • Dial directly from;
      • Apps listed above
      • Web pages
      • Clipboard
    • Controlled pop of contact records on incoming call
    • Preview window shows caller’s name as found in Apps listed above, their number and call control functions
    • Helps users to decide how they want to deal with a call and then act immediately
    • Call history displays last 50 calls in and out
    • Presence shows colleagues availability in real-time
    • Integrated Messaging allows conversations with one or several colleagues

    Watch the Navigate UC video.


  • Explore your options

    Explore the features that SMEs commonly require – but if you’re looking for a more unique function, then talk to us. If it’s on the market, we’ll know about it!

    • Audio Conferencing
    • Online/Video Meetings
    • Business Management/Call Reports
    • Live Dashboards
    • Call Reporting
    • Call Recording
    • PCI DSS Compliance
    • Call Centre
    • Mobile Twinning
    • Context Sensitive/Visual Voice
    • Hot Desking
    • Paging
    • Presence/Busy Lamp Fields
    • Simultaneous Targets
    • Web Phone
    • Desktop Click to Dial/CRM Integration
    • Auto Attendant
    • Missed Call Alerts
    • Portal Based Management (Self-Serve)
    • Privacy & Security
    • Time of Day Routing
    • Unified Voicemail
    • VIP Routing
    • Custom Ringtone
    • In Queue Announcements
    • SMS Text

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