What to expect from our cybersecurity webinar with Lares

by | Mar 16, 2021

The cybercrime threat continues to grow, from the seemingly exponential increase in personal records that are breached every year to high-profile ransomware campaigns and state-sponsored hacking.


To help you tackle this, we are hosting a webinar on Thursday 25 March at 3pm UK.

We are partnering with Lares and its team of extensively trained, highly experienced security professionals to explore the threat landscape and provide advice on what businesses can do to armour themselves.

Lares delivers a comprehensive approach to organisational cybersecurity, and its approach dovetails with our own, allowing companies to make informed decisions about how best to secure data, applications and networks.

One topic on the agenda will be the impact of the Covid pandemic and strategies for the return to work in offices. The past year has seen an onslaught of malicious COVID-related sites popping up with the use of the disease as a lure to deposit ransomware on corporate networks. In the face of disrupted working practices, newly remote teams and unfamiliar devices are logging onto systems, presenting a significant headache for IT security teams.

The challenge now is to develop new security strategies as physical offices reopen and companies adopt hybrid models with workforces dividing their time between the office and home.

The webinar will be focused on helping all businesses, whether they are looking for advice to enhance a well-established security framework or guidance as they address pressing concerns for their growing organisation.

We will deliver great ideas for quick wins that have a big impact and there will be plenty of time to ask questions to our experts.

Register here to protect your data, applications, employees, customers and business.