Why great business IT support is essential

by | Apr 7, 2021

Businesses today run on technology. It forms the backbone of their operations, regardless of their size. For many it is also a considerable investment, so it makes sense to ensure that networks, systems, applications and software are underpinned with comprehensive business IT support?


Business IT support is sometimes provided by a dedicated department or internal IT support manager, but for many organisations, access to that expertise comes from outsourcing IT support to a trusted partner.

Do we need business IT support?
The day-to-day management of systems can seem straightforward as modern technology is designed to be easy to use, but what happens if an upgrade goes wrong, there’s a software glitch or a cyber attack threatens sensitive company and customer data?

Internet downtime, for example, costs UK businesses considerable revenue every year, primarily because they can’t get their systems fixed quickly. The question, therefore, is how long can a company afford to be without its vital technology before it affects core services, employee productivity, and ultimately the business’s bottom line?

With business IT support in place not only can common technology problems be resolved quickly, often over the phone, but system monitoring also ensures that any developing issues can be detected and fixed before they escalate.

Providers of business IT support services often work in certified partnership with leading vendors. This demands a high level of expertise which is assessed on an ongoing basis and delivers two core benefits to companies.

The first is that the expert in question is qualified to specify, integrate and support cutting-edge systems to suit a business’s specific requirements. The second is that if a problem does arise, the expert is well placed to solve it, and probably at a faster pace than the support team of the original vendor.

Support for telephony
As well as monitoring networks and applications and ensuring that data is secure, business IT support should also extend to telephony and business mobile services. This is just as essential and should be a natural extension of the skills and services delivered by a business IT support provider.

The key to selecting the right kind of business IT support is to ascertain how qualified a provider is to deliver their services; whether they will commit to a guaranteed response time; whether they can deliver the service a company needs within the budget available, and if they can scale to meet the needs of growing businesses.

Having business IT support just a phone call away means having the reassurance of knowing that if the worst does happen, your systems can be up and running again quickly and with minimum disruption.

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