Why you need a nimble IT company or MSP

by | Sep 29, 2020

Call it what you will – working from home, remote working, non-office based working or location independent working – this new way is here to stay.

It needs embracing.

One of the most significant outcomes of COVID-19 is how we define a business, and the impact technology is having in supporting this change.

An SME may be defined as between 10 and 100 people, while an enterprise would typically have several thousand, a big head office with a number of regional offices and essentially be organised in an office hierarchy.

Large technology companies are setup to apparently cater for this, their business plans predicated upon targeting and selling solutions for big offices with high IT demand and several hundred people at each site.

But all that has changed.

Now, everyone is essentially an SME.

Today, rather than a concentrated, huge demand IT infrastructure, we have completely dispersed workforces where IT is trying to deliver service continuity and strong customer experience while still complying with corporate security policies and procedures.

That is a serious challenge.

How do we respond?

Nimbler IT providers understand what a small business needs, and have been catering to these demands for years, providing solutions tailored to the SOHO – or small office.

They understand the nuances of working this way while ensuring systems have maximum uptime, availability and everything is appropriate for that specific business.

Small IT companies do not dilute large corporate services, but rather tailor services to enable a business to grow and be competitive.

Large is near extinct. Your business needs a smaller MSP to support your remote workers.

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Andy Horn, CEO