Working from home is here to stay – is your connectivity struggling?

by | Sep 22, 2020

Once again, working from home is front page news. The truth is, it always has been – work from home, return to the office, go back home. There’s no end in sight and resilience and flexibility continue to be essential to navigating this current working climate.

Companies need to ensure their employees have a suitable home working set-up for the foreseeable – short-term fixes that were initially tolerable are starting to take their toll. Many of us have experienced poor connectivity, dropping in and out of video calls, struggling to download files and host online meetings.

This inconsistency of IT performance has to change. Remote working should be no different to office working. It should reflect the professional approach of which your business has always been proud, including making sure your employees’ work environment adheres to your company’s security policies.

For me, using a consumer broadband service designed for short periodic, leisure use to run my business and provide education for my children is just crazy.

The solution is obvious – a separate business broadband, with business grade hardware, configured to align with business security policies, providing tiered service access with 4G back-up if necessary.

The monthly cost is about one tenth of a desk in London. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Andy Horn, CEO